CIT4PRO surrounds himself from reliables partners, all our partners provide us professional and quality equipments.

Robbyfarm is a top of the line training facility located in Milton Florida and Belgium.

We provide world class service dogs and home protection dogs at a low cost by “cutting out the middle man” and obtaining our dogs straight from our selected breeders/trainers in Belgium.
CIT4PRO is honored to bring its expertise to the PLOT
bootsandgoodsBoots And Goods provides equipment /gear for Police / Military /Security ( Operators ) and also outdoor/survival equipment .
Special Medics and TacticsFACT Security SPRL est une Entreprise de Gardiennage agréée par le SPFI en Belgique.

(n° d'agrégation au SPFI : 16.0072.02)

FACT Service propose des services de Stewards, Chauffeur VIP, Hôtesses et Consultant.

FACT Taining Center est un centre de formation en gardiennage, incendie et secourisme.

FACT Security SARL est une Entreprise de Gardiennage agréée par le Ministère de la Justice Grand-ducale (N° d'agrégation au Ministère de la Justice : 22-2-800.152)
FACT Security
Special Medics and TacticsCIT4PRO brings its expertise for the training to the shooting instructors of the security force of the NATO HQ.