Our Team

All of our instructors and collaborators are experts in various domains and techniques.

Here are some of our team members and instructors:




  • Shooting instructor by  Special Intervention Team
  • VIP  Protection  instructor » by  Special Intervention Team
  • ASAA Four Weapons Instructor
  • CHE  Army Combat shooting instructor
  • TCCC Instructor
  • President of DVSAF (Defence Veterans Shooting Association Famenne) asbl
  • And many other qualifications


37 years of service by MoD of wich 30 years in Para Commando Units (of wich 10 years in Special Forces and Special Operations) 7 years Small Arms Techniques and Tactics « Master instructor »
10 years combat shooting  instruction  experience
4 years  VIP Close protection experience
Operational experience  in many  Operational Theaters  (Somalie/ Central Africa/ Afghanistan/  Kosovo/ Libanon and other)
Vehicule combat techniques


Dutch :   Native language
French :    perfect passive and active knowledge
English :   perfect passive and active knowledge
German :  good passive and good active knowledge





Cours and Qualifications:

  • Doctor of Medecin
  • ATLS
  • Shooting monitor small arms
  • Instructor TFA by DSE – FR
  • Instructor TCCC by CIT4PRO


4 jaren opleiding TCCC.

French: Native language
English:Very good knowledge