Violence Management Concept

We offer an integrated formation concerning the violence management in which you will find communication skills, conflict management and simple techniques combining all of the above. Our techniques are based onto natural human reflexes. This will not make you a martial art specialist, but you will be able to resist an aggressor. We are capable to adapt our modular package of lessons to your wishes. (Tailored to the mission)
We can offer you, based on your demands and needs, an operator’s level course as well as a trainer’s level course. Keeping in mind that coordination will be necessary as a trainer’s level requires specific preparations tailored to your organization.

  1.  Communication skills and conflict management.
  2.  Defence and enforcing techniques without weapons.
  3.  Defence and enforcing techniques (baton or rifle).
  4.  Defence and enforcing techniques (Pepper spray OC).
  5.  Defence and enforcing techniques (handcuffs and nylon straps).
  6.  Defence and enforcing techniques with integration of a tactical flashlight.
  7.  Integrating the service dog during defines and enforcing.


Communication skills and conflict management.

Duration : 1 day

Communication skills

  • Communication analyses.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • How to use the environment.
  • How do I convey the message.
  • Objectivity.
  • Assertiveness.

Conflict management.

  • Conflict analyses.
  • Pre-conflict.
  • Prevention and detection.
  • Preceding analyses.


Defence and enforcing techniques without a weapon.

Duration : 1 day

  • Basic content.
  • Basic protection.
  • VRM (Vision-Respiration-Mobility).
  • Straight punches.
  • Destabilizing punches.
  • Elbow punch.
  • Cross kick.
  • Backward tumble.



Defence and enforcing techniques with baton or rifle.

Duration : 1 day

  • Strike zones.
  • Positions.
  • Basic protection.
  • Straight strokes.
  • Destabilizing strokes.
  • Diagonal strokes.
  • Regaining the baton or rifle.
  • Stabbing with the rifle.
  • Combining techniques module 2 and 3
  • Transition to other means



Defence and enforcing techniques with pepper spray OC.

Duration : 1 day

  • Generalities of OC.
  • The effects of OC.
  • Types of spray.
  • Decontamination.
  • Self-decontamination.
  • Base position.
  • Spraying techniques.
  • Basic protection.
  • Transition to different means.
  • Combination with module 2


Defence and enforcing techniques with handcuffs and straps.

Duration : 1 day

  • Description of several means to cuff.
  • Interpellation
  • Safety search.
  • How to handcuff with different means
  • Moving with a handcuffed person
  • Removing the handcuffs


Defence and enforcing techniques with Tactical Flashlight.

Duration : 1 day

  • Why using a Tactical Flashlight (light conditions)
  • Effects of a Tactical Flashlight
  • Description of the Tactical Flaslight.
  • Using a weapon mounted flashlight.
  • Using the flashlight hand held.
  • Different positions with the flashlight.
  • Moving principles with the flashlight.
  • Transition techniques.
  • Combinations with other means ( Modules 1 to 5)

Integrated techniques with the working dog.

Duration : 1 day

This module is open to all types of working dogs (EDD, narcotics, patrolling dogs, watchdog and defensive dogs)

Conditions :

  • The dog must be socialized
  • The dog handler needs to handle safely all his weapons and means

What do we offert:

  • Formation and/or training using your gun and dog the most efficient way.
  • Defence and enforcing techniques using your dog
  • Using the tactical flashlight with your dog
  • K9- Medic module


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