webfusilOur company “Concept Instruction Training 4 Professional” is a “Private Limited Liability Company, which proposes the establishment of concept, education and training in a professional workplace.

CIT4PRO offers government agencies (Federal Public Service) and associated, companies and professionals with rights in respect of legislation, access to training in firearms, less-lethal weapons, tactics, penetrating trauma care, VIP protection, based on real needs and methodology.

CIT4PRO also reserves training to wider audience, such as ” team building ” and methodology.

CIT4PRO Instructors are issued from a professional environment and have extensive professional experience in various theaters of operations where Belgium Army was committed. Trainers have the necessary language skills to deliver training in French, Dutch, English and German. Our trainers are involved in the development and implementation in Belgian Defense of the concepts listed above.

With our experience in professional environment, we are committed to provide our services with the utmost security, with rigor and methodological quality to efficiency.

CIT4PRO delivers its courses in Belgium, but also abroad.

The management, Concept Instruction Training For Professional